Class Descriptions


Beginning Artists
4.5 - 5.5  years old
1.0 hour class

Projects in this class are designed to guide students in developing their drawing skills while encouraging self-expression and individual creativity. Most of the lessons are guided, with the teacher showing how to break the subject matter down into basic art elements. Our young artists are encouraged to add their own details and express their creativity.

The non-competitive, friendly atmosphere allows students to take risks and try new things. Subject matter includes: animals, sea life, still life, art history, the human form, buildings, vehicles, and different cultures.


Level 1
6 - 7 years old
1.5 hour class

Level 1 students will learn to:
- Recognize and identify: line, shape, color, texture, value, space (art elements) 
- Identify and name primary and secondary colors, warm and cool colors
- Follow guided step by step drawing lessons and start to understand how to "build" a drawing
- Begin to make personal creative choices
- Understand vertical and horizontal
- Identify foreground, middle ground, and background placement
- Use materials appropriately

MEDIA: Markers, watercolors, chalk pastel, oil pastel


Level 2
8 - 10 years old
1.5 hour class

This class is for students who are ready to take their art skills to the next level. Students will begin drawing more independently. Guidance is provided on an “as needed” basis leading students through the decision making process involved in creating art. Some lessons will be guided; others will be based on drawing from imagination as well as 3-D objects. Shading, creating volume, beginning perspective, and composition will all be introduced. We will work towards developing finished pieces.


Level 3
11 - 13 years old
1.5 hour class

Level 3 students will be able to:
- Identify and use: line, shape, color, texture, value, space (art elements) 
- Identify and use all of the principals of art: balance, symmetry, center of interest, movement, repetition, and harmony
- Identify and name primary, secondary and tertiary colors, complimentary and analogous colors – color mixing, color theory
- Consistently preplan and create preliminary drawings
- Learn to critically evaluate artwork
- Use shading/modeling to create volume and three dimensionality
- Gain continued exposure to observational drawing (drawing from actual objects)
- Gain exposure to one and two point perspective

MEDIA: Markers, watercolors, chalk pastel, oil pastel, colored pencil, charcoal, graphite pencils, acrylics, ink


Level 4
13 - 16 years old
1.5 hour class

Level 4 is designed for students who have been in Level 3 class for at least a year, more likely 2+ years. Students in this class will be challenged to work at an increasingly higher level, Independent drawing skills and a willing attitude are necessary. If you are new to the school we're happy to help you determine the right level. Email us to ask questions or to schedule a free trial class to be sure this class is a good fit.