Make Ups and Policies:

The school year begins in September and runs through early June depending upon the number of snow days

1. Please complete a registration form for each student. There is a one-time annual (due once per school year) family registration fee of $20. Registration must be included with your first month’s tuition.

2. Tuition is subject to a $5 late fee after 10 days from the due date. There is a $20 charge for returned checks. If a check is returned we must ask that payments be made with money orders or cash.


3. Tuition must accompany your registration form. If you sign up mid-month, your tuition will be prorated. We cannot hold space without payment.

4. We do not send bills - we have printed payment schedules available at the school and payment dates will be posted. Payment may be mailed to the address below or placed in the tuition box in the school.

5. Six students are required for a class to begin. If enrollment drops below six students we reserve the right to cancel the class.

6. Make checks payable and mail to: Connecticut Art School
1730 Ellington Road, South Windsor, CT 06074

Tuition Payments:

• Tuition is due in advance of each quarter - we’ll provide a printed schedule with dates.


• The spot is yours for the school year, unless you give written notice 2 weeks before the end of a quarter, that the student won’t be continuing. If you do not give us two weeks notice that a student will not be returning you are responsible for the tuition payment for that quarter. 

• The registration fee is a one-time annual (due once per school year) fee - due only with your initial registration.

• Refunds are not available for missed classes (please read our make-up policy).

• Tuition is non-transferable.

Make-Up Class Policy

Classes can only be made-up for excused absences such as illness or a family vacation. 

1. All arrangements for make-up classes must be made in advance. Even in the case of illness you must email or call and leave a message at the school (860 432-3773) prior to the start of your regular class. If you don’t let us know you will be missing a class ahead of time you will not be able to make-up that class at a later date.

2. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. If a student is unable to attend their class they
have the following options:
• Attend an Open Studio
• Have a family member take your place in class
• Arrange to bring a friend to a class (if space is available) . The friend counts as the make-up. 
• Attend a similar class during the same week as the missed class if space is available.

Disruptive Behavior:

We reserve the right to refuse or terminate enrollment as necessary. Disruptive or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated and students who do not comply will not be allowed to continue. Parents will be contacted and if the behavior repeats the student will not be allowed to remain in class. The school and studio are safe places for all students. Any remaining tuition is non-refundable.

Open Studio:

Approximately one Saturday a month (dates will be posted in advance) we will offer an Open Studio. Students must sign up in advance. During this time we will have a self-guided lesson available and a teacher at the school to answer questions and help with materials. No formal lesson will be taught. This is a time to complete unfinished work or challenge yourself to try the self-guided lesson. Attending an Open Studio counts as a make-up class. If you sign up for Open Studio and don't attend this still counts as your make-up class because the spot was reserved for you.