Welcome to Connecticut Art School - a place where:

  •  Kids are encouraged to use their imagination, express ideas, and think for themselves
  • There is excitement in the air, the room is filled with creativity, problem solving, and fun 
  •  Art education is valued
  •  Class sizes are limited and everyone gets plenty of attention
  • Teachers routinely ask - What if..?, Have you tried...? What do you think...?
  • Everyone is welcome, accepted, and respected

What's New:

We have exciting new plans for our 2018 Student Art Show. We have a new format and a new location. The show is Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 1:30 - 6:30 pm at Wapping Community Church in South Windsor. The show will only be up for one day so please mark your calendars now so you can come to the show. Please share the date with friends, teachers, neighbors, family members - everyone is welcome! Stay tuned - more details to follow. 

Summer 2018 - Registration is now Open:

We have a spectacular summer program planned. Click on the tabs above to see details on our 4-Day Themed Sessions, Mini Camps, and Friday Painting Workshops. 

Several families have told us they want a full day open so we added an afternoon session the week of June 25 - June 28th and July 16 - 19th. If your child is attending a session during these weeks you have the option of adding on an afternoon session. 

Registration is online on our newly updated Rezclick calendar site. Availability updates on the calendar in real time.